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Large Commercial & Industrial Program

The Large Commercial & Industrial Program is offered to commercial and industrial customers of Entergy Arkansas. The program helps facility supervisors understand the technical and financial benefits of investing in energy efficiency upgrades and provides financial incentives for qualifying projects. Click here for more information on Large Commercial & Industrial Program

Entergy Arkansas New Construction Incentives
For new construction projects, few investments pay off more than energy efficiency. Not only is it affordable and enhances the work environment, but high-performance buildings can improve air quality and lessen your impact on the environment.
Too often, energy efficiency is the first casualty of a value-engineered building. While these buildings can come with lower initial price tags, the short-term savings are often far outweighed by increased energy and maintenance costs. In fact, a certified high-performance building is valued 4% higher per square foot.* Click here for more information on New Construction Incentives

*Source: McGraw Hill Construction