AIA Arkansas’s Advocacy Agenda

We need YOU to be a part of it!

Why should architects care about legislation?

While AIA Arkansas maintains a regular presence at the State Capitol, individual architects must recognize that they play an important role in protecting the profession from bad legislation. Elected officials may listen to lobbyists, but they vote on issues that align with the interest of their districts constituents. It is important to remember that the driving force behind any politician is the voice of their constituents because they are who will vote according to how well they believe their interests are represented.

What’s the connection between advocacy and architecture?

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Architects are the only design professionals who are educated, trained and tested in integrating all essential systems that go into creating the built environment for human use and occupancy. Elected officials don’t always think on the same lines. It is our responsibility to know what bills are being considered and how they are likely to affect the architectural profession and to educate the legislators about the impact bills have on their profession.

What exactly does ARCHPAC do?

ARCHPAC makes contributions to help elect state candidates for political offices that support the design and construction industry in Arkansas. If you ordinarily make donations to support state candidates, consider making that donation through the PAC—you still get to give the candidate the check; but it will be a PAC check representing the entire profession, not just one architect.

Learn more about the AIA Arkansas ARCHPAC by clicking here.