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Excerpt from the AIA Arkansas Associate Newsletter

Thank you all for your support of the Arkansas AIA. As we march toward the convention, only weeks away, I wanted to update you on some associate news as well as highlight this year’s associate session. As you sign up for the convention, we want you to join us on Thursday October 16 from 1:30-3:45 for Mike Harbour presenting “The 360 Degree Leader”. This lecture will give us tools and insights on what leadership is, what it is not and why it is important. The attendees will learn how to lead themselves and others, at all levels of an organization. […]

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Why Aren’t Architects Licensed Upon Graduation?

By Kevin Fitzgerald, AIA Director, AIA Center for Emerging Professionals Article provided by The AIA When I sat for the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) 10 years ago, five years after graduation, I passed every division except one. I received a score report in the mail with the word FAIL—in all caps—followed by the statement that I was not “minimally competent” on the subject. Ouch! How could that be? Did they see my portfolio? Did they talk with my boss or the firm’s clients? Of course not. But as a design professional, I felt I was much more than what an […]

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ARE 5.0 Transition Plan: It’s here!

The launch of ARE 5.0 is still over two years away, but we wanted to let you know about the transition plan as soon as possible so you can make a plan and finish the exam no matter which version is available. You can find full details on, but here’s what you need to know: ARE 5.0: The Basics ARE 5.0 will launch in late 2016. ARE 5.0 will have six standalone divisions that are aligned with commonly defined professional architect activities. The current graphic vignettes and the software will be replaced with new questions types that take advantage […]

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AIA Contract Documents Study Materials Available to Interns and A.R.E. Candidates

Interns and candidates for the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) can and should use AIA Contract Documents as study materials for the Construction Documents and Services division of the ARE. Free sample documents are now available on the Emerging Professional’s Companion website.  (look towards the bottom of the page)

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NCARB Launches Blog for Aspiring Architects


We’re thrilled to announce the launch of NCARB Blog , a social hub where emerging professionals, educators, and practitioners can come together to explore industry trends. Updated weekly, NCARB Blog is your destination for the latest news about licensure, innovations in education, cutting-edge technology, and more—from people like you. In addition to updates about the National Council of Architectural Registration Board’s (NCARB) programs and initiatives, the blog will feature guest posts from industry experts and emerging professionals. Through our online community, readers will have access to exclusive videos, photo galleries, and interviews. Plus, you’ll find tips and insight you can’t […]

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