Position Number:  2213-2840
County:  Pulaski
Posting End Date:  Sep 21, 2023
Division of Public School Academic Facilities and Transportation

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Special Application Information:

Incomplete applications will not be considered.  List current/most recent job first. Account for all time periods including unemployment, self-employment, and military service. A resume may be attached to your required online application form; however, it may not be used as a substitute for completing any part of our application package. To make a call using the Arkansas Relay Service, dial 1-800-285-1121 (Voice) or 1-800-285-1131 (TDD) and for customer service, dial 1-800-285-7192 (V/TDD). 


  1. Oversee the statewide school district facility planning & partnership project reviews. Review construction standards are followed in the construction of academic facilities.
  2. Create reports for the Commission, state legislative branch, and Governor’s office.
  3. Must confirm compliance with the Statutes, Rules, and Manual to the Public School Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Committee and Arkansas School Safety Commission recommendations to the Governor 2022, and resulting Rules, updates to the Arkansas School Facility Manual Section 8000, and that the school district has complied and reported the required information in the Master Planning Requirements, Tab 8.
  4. Rules Governing Right of Access to Unused or Underutilized Public School Facilities and the Sale or Lease of Public School Facilities as mandated by Act 542 of 2017, requiring access to the unused or underutilized school district facilities to the Charter Schools.  The Area Project Managers – Planning and Construction monitor and confirm the school districts comply with the Statute.
  5. Inspect, review documentation, and assist with a catastrophic for a  school district the Rules Governing the Academic Facilities Catastrophic Program A.C.A. §6-20-2501.
  6. Review partnership, local, and ESSER plans to ensure they meet all State and Federal codes required by each project.
  7. Receive specifications and project plans.  Initial plan review must be accomplished 95% of the time within 21 calendar days of receipt.  The plan review process will strictly follow the established checklist.  Verify all necessary documentation has been submitted.
  8. Check plans against the Arkansas School Facility Manual to verify plans comply with spacing rules and standards.  Tasks must be accomplished within established schedules to meet Division timelines, A.C.A. §6-21-804.
  9. Complete Early Review Conferences A.C.A. §6-20-2515, preliminary POR, and compute qualifying project cost and state financial participation based on current criteria and reviewed in accordance with Division requirements and timelines and criteria in the Rules Governing the Academic Facilities Partnership Program. 
  10. In accordance with A.C.A. § 6-20-2507(e)(2)(E), all approved “space” construction projects shall be inspected at 90% completion to assure project compliance with Arkansas School Facility Manual and construction processes.
  11. Annually review master plans A.C.A. §6-21-806 to determine completeness and appropriateness of planning taking suitability, adequacy, and general facility condition into consideration.
  12. Provide updates with districts and AAEA, ASPMA, and other stakeholder groups in regard to rule & law updates.   Provide training to school districts in both master planning & partnership project application and provide support for both the planning & construction aspects for the school districts across the state.
  13. Assist school districts with master planning.  Answer district inquiries regarding document submittals to include master plans and partnership project applications.  Assist school districts in the master planning process to include web tools, growth projections/compensating strategies, general planning techniques, and methodologies.
  14. Conduct yearly Master Plan training sessions upon district request for district personnel.  Answer any questions superintendents or their authorized agents may have concerning upcoming construction projects, submitted plans, and approval process.  Provide support in completing all necessary documents on construction projects – including processing of pay requests, construction approval forms, and agreements.
  15. Review of change orders for compliance with Arkansas School Facility Manual standards, A.C.A. §6-21-802.
  16. Work with districts to revise master plans to meet planning and legal requirements as required.  Master plans must be reviewed in accordance with Division requirements and timelines.  Assist districts in developing facilities Master Plan projects as needed during the preliminary Master Plan submittal and review process
  17. Confirm proper reporting of maintenance documentation in accordance with Statute A.C.A. §6-21-808 in the state-provided Computer Maintenance Management System to verify the need for replacement of Warm, Safe, and Dry Systems projects.
  18. These responsibilities include Partnership Project justification & recently “ESSER” approved projects.
  19. Review district Partnership Program project applications A.C.A. §6-20-2507  to determine appropriateness for state partnership and completeness of application and scope description.
  20. The plan review and construction site visit form will be completed at this point to confirm room data for proper sizes and quantity and perform with the district representative a walk-through of ongoing or completed construction projects.  Tasks must be accomplished within established schedules to meet Division timelines, to ensure the data obtained supports Division approval of project applications.
  21. Collect data as assigned, make direct data entry into appropriate software, or relay data to appropriate data management personnel as appropriate. Maintain accurate project files.  Enter data of assigned projects into tracking spreadsheets and partnership agreement documentation.

Act as point of contact for district inquiries, conduct site visits and act as liaison between school districts and the Division.  

Position Information

Grade: GS09


Salary Range: $50,222.00 – $72,822.00

Class Code: G090C