Full Time Job Opening

Revival Architecture, Inc. is seeking a recently licensed architect that is interested in growing their career and expanding their responsibilities by taking on greater roles as a project manager and architect, ready to learn all aspects to practicing architecture. Those interested in new challenges while exploring their potential are encouraged to apply. While the position is considered full time, flexible hours and working remotely is negotiable. Inquires will be kept in strict confidence.

Revival Architecture, Inc. specializes in historic preservation and tradition-informed new construction. We have a passion for learning from the past, often from buildings that have been in service as meaningful places for generations. We enjoy expanding our technical knowledge of basic
building materials and building science and consider it crucial to the foundation of a responsible architectural practice–one that is equipped to respond to ever-increasing environmental challenges. We are a small firm with a wide reach across the State of Arkansas and beyond.

Contact:  Aaron Ruby, (501) 951-2080.  Send resumes with a cover letter to aaron@revivalarch.com.  Inquiries will be kept in strict confidence