SETH & EMILIE WELTY of Colectivo to speak at the 2019 AIA Arkansas State Convention

Seth Welty is the principal architect at the Colectivo design firm in New Orleans. His
professional work includes speculative research projects, self-developed design/build,
architectural and furniture fabrication, and typical architectural practice. Recent work in the region has garnered AIA recognition and has been featured in has been featured in various publications. Prior to his work in New Orleans, Seth was a Rose Architectural Fellow working on public interest design projects in the Gulf South region.

Emilie Taylor Welty is a native of South Louisiana and a principal at Colectivo where she takes part in the making and doing. Emilie also works at the Tulane School of Architecture as a Professor of Practice where she is a leader in design/build education. Projects ranges in scale from furniture to urban farms and she frequently leads design build projects at the Small Center for Collaborative Design, Tulane’s community design center.