A Look into the Dilemma of Damaged Glass by Chris Little, Ace Glass

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 A Look into the Dilemma of Damaged Glass
By Chris Little, Vice President of Development, ACE Glass Manufacturing

Every day, architects, GC’s and builders utilize and integrate the clear vision and connection to the outside world only glass can provide just to see it compromised over time by water stains, environmental pollutants, and human interaction. It is a common challenge on most jobsites that dirt, dust, concrete leaching, human interaction, rainwater, sprinkler water, snow, and all other types of environmental pollutants will embed themselves into the pores of glass and cause significant damage.  How do we solve this problem?

ACE Glass realized that Diamon-Fusion, originally and predominantly used for residential glass shower enclosures to significantly reduce cleaning caused by the build up of soap scum and dirt, may be an untapped resource and solution for the commercial industry.  What else can it do and how many other uses can this protective coating offer?  ACE and DFI put it to the test and the results speak for themselves.

What is Diamon-Fusion?
ACE Glass is at the forefront of resolving the problem of compromised glass. We’ve invested in and are certified applicators of an advanced glass protectant called Diamon-Fusion. It is an optically clear, protective coating that transforms ordinary glass and silica-based surfaces into high-performing, water repellent, and scratch resistant surfaces. By chemically filling in the microscopic peaks and valleys of the glass surface, the protective coating creates an invisible barrier that prevents stains, scratches and corrosion from the outset. Just like a non-sticking pan, Diamon-Fusion makes cleaning easier and less frequent.

Why is Diamon-Fusion Coating Different?
Unlike other protective coatings and coating suppliers, Diamon-Fusion coating is applied at the factory level at ACE Glass with an innovative protective-coating machine called the FuseCube. The fully-automated machine applies Diamon-Fusion through a chemical vapor deposition process which fuses itself onto both sides of the glass in a consistent, uniform pattern – the likes of which only the FuseCube can do.

The result is easier and less frequent cleanings throughout the year, with the glass staying more beautiful and brilliant. In addition to easier cleanings, Diamon-Fusion contributes to LEED points, qualifies for a Health Product Declaration, and comes with a 15-year warranty which proves invaluable when considering all the damage weather and pollutants can cause.

Commercial Grade QUIKRETE® 5000 Concrete Mix Test
As we all know, construction schedules frequently call for glass to be installed while other potentially damaging construction activities are being carried out. Everything from concrete splatter to water runoff can be harmful, especially harmful when it runs over masonry, cement, stucco, and sealants that can carry the contaminants onto the glass itself.

So the following test was performed, treating a half piece of vertical glass with Diamon-Fusion while leaving the other half left untreated.

Watch the test: https://www.aceglass.net/dfi/
ACE Glass QUIKRETE 5000 Test Video

The Results
As the video “QUIKRETE 5000 on Diamon-Fusion Protected Glass” demonstrates, nearly all of the concrete that was thrown at the Diamon-Fusion treated side would not stick and slid right off. In contrast, all the concrete thrown at the untreated side stuck to the glass.

After drying for 24 hours, the Diamon-Fusion treated side, which already had very little concrete present, was easily cleaned off with soap, water, and a few swipes of a scraper. Meanwhile, the untreated side, which was covered with concrete, was very hard to clean and risked damaging the glass in the process. More importantly, there were NO negative effects to the Diamon-Fusion protective coating on the treated side.

Brickwash Test on Diamon-Fusion Coated Glass
Diamon-Fusion International initiated tests to be performed on Diamon-Fusion treated and untreated glass to determine the effects of PROSOCO Sure Klean® 600 Brickwash and QUIKRETE® 5000 concrete mix on both surfaces.

 PROSOCO Sure Klean® 600
For the Sure Klean® 600, initial tests were done on Diamon-Fusion treated glass at increments of 1, 8, and 24 hours, and again 5 days after application.

Ace Glass-prosoco sure klean 600

The Results
The results of the Sure Klean® 600 in every case showed NO adverse effects to the treated glass or the untreated glass. This was the case with both the recommended dilution and undiluted treatment options.

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How We Can Help
We have run into the issues addressed above on a number of projects over the last 30 years and are pleased to have found a cost-effective way to help address the problem.

Feel free to contact us with specific questions or requests. If you have prior experience with glass damaged on your projects, we’d like to hear what happened and help you reduce your risk in the future.  Please visit our new updated website www.aceglass.net or contact any of our representatives.

Chris Little is the VP of Development for ACE Glass.  You can reach Chris at chris.little@aceglass.net.