RETAIL DESIGN COLLABORATIVE is looking for Job Captain(s) in Rogers, AR office

Retail Design Collaborative is looking for (2) qualified individuals to fill Job Captain roles in Rogers, AR office.  Resumes should be sent to

ROLE: Job Captain

The primary function of a Job Captain is to develop and coordinate the production of quality
contract documents based on prototype and/or job specific requirements. Click here to view pdf of position summary.

Job Captain will be meeting corporate expectations of the position when s/he is successful in:
 Completing contract document projects on schedule and within budget.
 Delivering high quality drawings that can be easily interpreted by government agencies
and easily utilized by construction contractors.
 Managing client relationships in a manner that leads to customer satisfaction, repeat
business and referrals.

The following are primary responsibilities of the Job Captain:
 Enforce and adhere to the codes of the company’s Employee Manual.
 Execute the duties of this position.
General Project Administration
 Assist the Project Manager in planning project budgets, schedules, staffing, etc.
 Monitor project schedules and budget hours spent vs. completion percentages
 Assist the Project Manager in reviewing current and future workload to determine staff
 Assist the Project Manager in reviewing current and future workload to determine staff
 Assist the Project Manager with researching and collecting information.
 Maintain project files. Compile record CD file of drawings at project milestones.
Document all communications with outside parties. Document and distribute all critical
project information to appropriate team members and outside parties.
 Place and/or receive phone calls. Distribute and/or respond to emails. Maintain
continuous flow of critical information. Document in file.
 Maintain regular working hours. Record activity to timesheet daily.
 Maintain professional and congenial relationship with architectural and support staff.
 Monitor the performance of the drafting personnel and provide assessment to Project
 Provide information, developmental support and training to team members. Utilize
established office training processes and procedures designed to expand the knowledge
and enhance the skills of the project team members.
 Forward any leads or marketing suggestions for securing new work to the Project
Manager or Principal.

Contract Document Production
 Attend kick-off meetings. Verify site-specific requirements and understand project
criteria, design intent, scope of work and client expectations. Verify approval to proceed
has been obtained.
 Identify jurisdictional requirements i.e. applicable codes, submittal/plan check processes,
 Develop “cartoon set” of drawings in advance of preparation of contract documents. Set
up project directories, x-refs, naming conventions, title blocks, details sheets, etc. Prepare
plot sheets.
 Determine and oversee the development of additional detailing as required to convey the
intent of the contract documents. Review finishes and the interface between them.
 Monitor the progress and quality of drawings. Verify and enforce compliance with office
standards. Perform periodic reviews to ensure the quality and accuracy of the team’s
output. Review changes and/or corrections with team members and oversee drawing
 Monitor the development and coordination of the consultant drawings. (30% – drawings
to consultants; 60% – initial review and coordination, return for corrections; 90% – final
review and coordination, return for corrections as needed). Coordinate any plan changes
or revisions as required.
 Assist Project Manager in compiling project specification requirements and editing.
Review and coordinate with specifications writer.
 Prepare and submit drawings for plan check. Review plan check comments, make
corrections and resubmit as required.
 Prepare and issue bid documents as directed by the Project Manager. Assist in
responding to contractor questions during the bid process. Revise plans and issue
 Prepare and issue construction documents as directed by the Project Manager. Assist in
responding to contractor RFIs during construction. Revise plans and issue construction
change directives.
 Assist Project Manager in closing out project, i.e. archiving files, drawings, etc.

 Professional architectural degree preferred or equivalent experience.
 Three+ years of experience in architectural practice preferred.
 Knowledge of architectural detailing and current construction standards.
 Understanding of architectural design and related fields.
 Proficiency in AutoCAD (latest version) and other business software and their
application to contract documents.
 Knowledge of codes. Able to successfully complete the permitting process with aid
and supervision of the Project Manager.
 Knowledge of addenda and construction change directive procedures.
 Knowledge of job captain process.
 Demonstrate oral and written English communication skills.

 Understanding and implementation of RDC-S11, Inc. CAD/drawings standards.
 Quality of construction documents. Primary performance measurement: Feedback from
quality control (plan check reviews) and construction administration (i.e. number of plan
related RFIs and change orders).
 Ability to complete a project on schedule and within budget. Primary performance
measurements: total actual hours as a percent of available hours (including originally
estimated hours and additional service hours).
 Proactive management of allocated time.
 Above and beyond level of Job Captain. The following metrics gauge the level of
workload the Job Captain handles. Successfully completing large, numerous and/or
complex projects, in some cases with “floaters”, is deserving of recognition.
 Number and complexity of projects completed
 Number of projects with “floaters”
 Number of different clients

The following are primary authorities granted to the Job Captain:
 Exercise the responsibilities and perform the duties of this position. This includes
responsibilities and duties managed within the guidelines provided by the company’s
Employee Manual.

The Job Captain reports to the Project Manager.

CLICK HERE to view pdf

Resumes should be sent to