nwaAIA Mentorship Program

The nwaAIA is launching its first ever mentorship program with the Fay Jones School of Architecture.  We will be pairing students with architecture professionals in the northwest Arkansas area to develop a mentoring relationship. Students of all years will be invited to choose a mentor who will advise, consult, and nurture a professional connection with the student.  The frequency of contact and nature of the relationship is left entirely up to the mentor and mentee. We invite all of our members to fill out the application below and mail it by Monday, January 5, 2015 to:

c/o Lori Yazwinski
P.O. Box 4022
Fayetteville, AR 72702

nwaAIA Mentorship Program Application

Being a mentor will give you the opportunity to facilitate your protégé’s personal and professional growth by sharing knowledge you learned through years of experience.  Mentoring allows you to strengthen your leadership skills by working with individuals from different backgrounds and age groups. It is an effective way to develop and retain talent in our organization by providing the students with support and guidance.

‘Developing the careers of others taught me most of what I needed to know about leadership: how to encourage and inspire, give feedback and make judgment calls. Committed mentoring ….gets you ready for the day you want to raise your hand for the bigger job. We learn as we teach, over time proving to ourselves that we have the skills and experience we need to lead.’ ~ Janet Kestin  co founder of Swim

By becoming a mentor, you create a legacy that has a lasting impact on students and the practice of architecture.  The knowledge you foster in your protégé can inspire new ideas, while passing on the tried and true missions and values of our professional organization.  Please join us in mentoring the next generation of architects.

Contact Lori at aianorthwestarkansas@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Chair: Lori Santa-Rita
Co-Chair: BJ Phillips
Treasurer: RT Hughen