2014 Election Update

In case you haven’t heard, there were some historic elections in Arkansas this week. The big story is that Representative Tom Cotton was victorious in his bid to be Arkansas’ Jr. Senator and in the process, took one of the strongest political brands in the state, Pryor, out of office.  Add to that the Nunn brand being defeated in the state of Georgia and you can understand the wave of conservatism that swept the nation on Tuesday.

There are many political and economic reasons and factors that pundits are espousing to explain the wave, all of which are valid on their face.  One of the underlying factors that I believe was responsible for the way votes were cast is that the innate belief in this state and country regarding the freedoms we enjoy—acquired through the sacrifice of many young men and women in uniform for over 200 years—was perceived as being tarnished.

Our elected leaders take an oath to protect and defend the constitutions of their state and nation. When the electorate collective decides that that is not being accomplished, they can be resolute in making voices heard.  Ain’t democracy grand?  You may think I make this as a partisan statement, but it is not.  It’s a blessing to live in a state and country that allows its citizens to have their voices heard without retribution.  I’ve made the statement before that the electorate has never made a wrong decision.  Again, as citizens, we are able to cast ballots instead of shooting bullets at one another in order to determine their future.

With all of that said, we’re pleased to provide you with our 2014 Election Update and hope you’ll share it with your friends and colleagues.  Here at Brent Stevenson Associates (BSA), we’re appreciative of the relationship we have with you and your organization.  We’re preparing for the 2015 Regular Session that will have a much different tone than any of us have ever seen. Be assured that the world has not ended. I believe that in the end, this General Assembly will address the questions of the day in a dignified manner.  There will be change coming; the voters spoke on that question clearly.  How we accept the change is our challenge as we continue to be zealous advocates for our clients.  Be assured that BSA will continue to represent you as we always have, that’s not changing.

Please click the link below to view the 2014 Election Update we’ve prepared.

2014 Election Update