Reminder: Shortened ARE Retake Policy Goes Into Effect October 1, 2014

Beginning October 1, 2014, candidates who have failed a division of the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) will be able to retake the division as soon as 60 days after the previous attempt and up to three times in a running year.  
Candidates who have recently failed a division of the ARE may want to wait to schedule their retake until after October 1 to take advantage of the new policy, as this change will be applied to all new exam eligibilities and those not already used to schedule an appointment. Any retakes scheduled before October 1 will be subject to the current six-month retake policy and will not be able to be rescheduled under the shortened retake policy.  
This change is possible because of the 2013 implementation of My Examination, a system that now provides NCARB with sophisticated technology to manage candidate services. This crucial improvement allows NCARB to decrease the wait time between retesting on a division while ensuring the protection of exam content.  
Learn more about this new policy on NCARB’s Blog.