The Advocacy Network Needs You

What is the AIA Advocacy Network? 
By Amanda Stratton, Manager, Grassroots & Advocacy Outreach

Last week, we introduced May as the month of the advocate. This means we are going to focus on all of the ways that you can make a difference for your profession, particularly focusing on the Advocacy Network.

But what is the Advocacy Network? The Advocacy Network is robust and organized grassroots advocacy network that not only connects AIA staff and components with AIA members, but also AIA members with elected members of Congress. The ultimate goal is to build a lasting relationship between AIA and Congress, so that every member will be the messenger on key advocacy issues.

The core pieces of the Network are Advocacy Committees at the component level. Each will be led by an Advocacy Chair who will direct Network members to take action when necessary. However, you don’t need to be on the Committee to be a Network member. The network involves all aspects of advocacy – from meeting with legislators to ArchiPAC to participating in action alerts, you are sure to find the activity that is right for you!

A unified voice is a strong voice, which is what the Network aims to create. By uniting architects for legislative causes, we can have greater influence over policies that affect the profession.

Signing up is simple – click here to send an email to indicate your interest in joining. Make sure to include your name and home address so we can make sure you are aligned with the correct legislators. Once you are added, you will have access to additional benefits that we will detail in a post later this month!

Click here to learn more about the Advocacy Network, including a list of FAQs.