Speaker Confirmation / Travel Arrangement

Thank you for agreeing to be a part of this year’s convention. Please complete the form below to confirm your participation.

Travel Arrangements: The most efficient and economical mode of transportation should be utilized. Reimbursement for travel will only be made for the most direct and convenient route from the principal place of residence to and from the meeting.

AIR: AIA Arkansas will contact you to make your flight arrangements. AIA Arkansas will plan for you to arrive the night prior to your speaking date unless otherwise advised. Transportation arrangements to and from the airport to the Hotel / Convention Center will be provided. You will not need a vehicle. AIA Arkansas will provide you with the travel itinerary once it has been set.

AUTOMOBILE: AIA Arkansas will reimburse in accordance with the allowable IRS mileage rate. If it is more economical or efficient to travel by air, the reimbursement for automobile costs will not exceed the air costs. Rental costs for an automobile will not be reimbursed.

Lodging: AIA Arkansas will book and pay for single room accommodation at our designated conference hotel for one (1) night. Any additional nights will be at your own expense.

Reimbursement: All expense reimbursement requests must be submitted to AIA Arkansas within 15 days of presentation date and MUST be accompanied by corresponding receipts. Any expense items not specified above are expressly excluded from reimbursement (i.e., room service, phone calls, laundry, dry cleaning, in-room moves, entertainment, and limousines). Meals during the convention will be provided through convention events. AIA Arkansas will reimburse up to $50 per day for food on the days traveling to and from the convention.