Design Award Submission

Use the form below to upload your 2023 Design Award project submission.  Every submission must have a primary and secondary media image.  The primary image will be the header on your project page.  The secondary image will be displayed next to the project statement.

You can add up to 12 additional images for your project. These will be a cropped preview of the image that you will click to view full size and slide through them all.  Be sure to name each image with your project title.  If you want the picture to be the full width of the screen simply do not include any comments with the image.  If you want the verbiage/description to be in a specific place you can add it directly to your image and not include it in the comments box on the form.  

IMAGE SIZES: All images must be JPEG (.jpg) format and smaller than 5MB. No image should be wider or taller than 2000 pixels – anything larger will be scaled down.

The project’s total square foot, construction cost and cost per square foot will only be visible to the jury members. If you wish not to share this information, you can place “n/a” or “withheld at owner’s request” in the field.  All other information will be available for members to view and vote on the Members’ Choice Award and to the public for the People’s Choice Award.

submission deadline 05.31.2023

Confirmation of your submission will be seen on the screen once you hit submit along with directions on how to review your submission.  We look forward to seeing your projects.  Please contact our office with any questions at (501) 661-1111.

Sorry. This form is no longer available.