Design Award Winners (2018)

The Sutcliffe House

Project Overview

Designed for a local landscape photographer and inspired by the economy of regional vernacular forms, this secluded Ozark mountain residence captures and emphasizes views of the surrounding landscape.

To focus these views, the shell of the house projects eastward, framing the Ozarks, capturing the historic Crescent hotel in the distance, and allowing ample amount of light to filter into the space.

The plan reinforces the transparency and encourages social interaction and fluidity throughout the entire residence. The barrier between exterior and interior diminishes within the residence when the covered balcony acts as a transition space between the main living space and the natural landscape.

The materiality and form bring the project back to the vernacular by analyzing and taking from regional gambrel barns. The residence is clad in standing-seam Galvalume to underline the economy while the Shou Sugi Ban cedar speaks to the owner’s Japanese heritage. The form follows a simplified roof type to the barns found in the area.