Design Award Winners (2016)

Hayden Padgett Memoiral Press Box

Project Overview

Inspired by a courageous boy whose dream was to become a Bomber football player, the Hayden Padgett Memorial Press Box represents all Bombers gone too soon and the heart of a little boy who touched so many and through his fight, brought the community together. Many people in the community and surrounding area donated their time, materials and energy to build the memorial.

The project is conceptually derived from the Mountain Home High School mascot, the Bomber airplane, and a WWII control tower. The main roof symbolizes an airplane wing with circular cutouts in steel beams acting as wing 'rib' support members, metal soffits to encompass the wing's skin and the 'MH' logo graphic at the underside of the roof which can be seen from below and from the football field. These graphics are reminiscent of the identifying symbols found on fighter planes. The main roof wing is uplighted off of the steel columns giving the illusion of the wing being 'lifted and flying' and symbolizing Hayden's angel wings and freedom from the earth.

The dominant vertical element, the control tower, is expressed in school colors of blue with gold signage. The tower is nostalgic of WWII control towers with a modern interpretation. The tower houses the vertical access to the roof deck while providing safety and wind and rain protection by surrounding the access ladder and media area with blue metal panels. Serving as a billboard for the press box, the 'BOMBER STADIUM' signage and Hayden's honorary jersey number '99' are lighted in gold lettering.

The memorial represents Hayden Padgett's watchfulness over his beloved Bombers and in the words of his mom, Michelle Padgett, 'the spirit of a boy who loved all things Bomber football.'