Warrior Tradition - National Native American Veterans Memorial

In early 2018, the National Native American Veterans Memorial Design Competition was sponsored by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI). The purpose of the competition was to select a design concept for a new memorial to be located on the NMAI’s grounds and honor Native American veterans in Washington, D.C.

Project Statement

Project Statement

From ancient symbols to tactile sculptural elements, the proposed concept incorporates the vision and design principles identified by the committee and museum in it’s interpretation of meaning and literal translations in the landscape. It is sensitive to the existing environment in which it will integrate into.

The memorial is to be experienced by sight, sound and movement connecting the interrelated elements of culture, spirituality, sacrifice, place, valor and healing. It can be viewed and experienced on all sides with it’s most concentrated and sacred space being at the center of the contemplation circle. The design allows for expansion and contraction, permanence and temporality, with fluidity in inclusion from the individualization of each pillar to it’s collective whole.

The wind blows, the adornments wave, the hollow and fluted pillars sound gently, visitors pass in both curiosity and reference along the journey of the warrior tradition a sacred place commemorating our fallen warriors sacrifice and place in time and history.

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