Tyson Emma

Tyson Foods’ new office building balances the companies’ storied past with its promising future in northwest Arkansas. On a mission to transform and revitalize downtown Springdale, the renovation and addition to its original 1940s headquarters and electric hatchery creates an innovative workspace for up to 400 technology employees, paying special homage to the business’s origin.

Taking advantage of the site’s adjacency to the Razorback Greenway bike trail, site design and building amenities facilitate employees biking or walking to work. A garden on the west side of the facility is furnished with areas for shuffleboard and bocce ball for employee use. These spaces are designed to create visibility of people and activation of the street and surrounding context, creating a vibrant neighborhood.

Reclaiming and reusing their original office building and hatchery helped to inspire the concept of showing respect to their history while displaying the innovation and excitement of this new Northwest Arkansas technology hub. Capturing the void between the two buildings creates an experience that highlights the nearly 70-year-old brick facades and provides employees and guests with a place to collaborate as well as celebrate. This space, buzzing with people, is visible from the street edge all the way through site.

Tying back to the original building structures, the space features reclaimed wood from the framing of the original hatchery and headquarters buildings. Paired with sleek building forms, this reinforces Tyson’s connection between history and innovation.

Project Statement

Project Statement

The design of Tyson Emma seeks to add innovative workspaces to the district while renovating and connecting of the original headquarters building and hatchery in downtown Springdale, Arkansas. Interior and exterior spaces are designed to create inhabitant activation while creating synergies with the surrounding community.

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