Design Award Entries

The Meteor

Located along the Razorback Regional Greenway in Bentonville’s Market District, The Meteor is a "clubhouse for roadies." The existing metal shed was re-purposed into a space that’s park bike shop, part café. The Meteor adds another destination to Bentonville’s fast-growing hospitality scene and celebrates the region’s love for cycling and outdoor adventure.

Project Statement

The Meteor’s mission is to combine “truly great coffee and bikes.” Recognizing Northwest Arkansas’s growing reputation for world-class cycling, founders Chris St. Peter and Doug Zell relocated the Little Rock location to Bentonville.

The design process began with a simple existing metal shed. We carved into the structure with new glazing, opening the building up to the community. A custom perforated metal screen notates the front entry, and also connects the exterior of the café and bike shop. Designed with cycling and coffee lovers in mind, the space is honest and raw. Bespoke vintage finds are showcased alongside authentic industrial pieces. Even the furniture speaks to the impression of The Meteor being a little different than the average coffee shop. Custom-designed café tables and chairs speak to the same design elements that make the space – raw material, brand colors and geometric shapes to bring a funky edge. The interior is warm, inviting and minimal, reflecting an environment that’s welcome to anyone on and off two wheels.

AIA Arkansas