Design Award Entries

The Haywood

Infilling a long vacant surface parking lot, The Haywood reconnects the fabric of a once booming downtown. Home to a hotel in the early 20th century, the 70 room hotel now provides a literal front porch for patrons and locals to observe and participate in the rebirth of the Murphy Arts District.

Project Statement

The Haywood Hotel is about the Southern duality of being comfortable, familiar, and hardworking while in contrast being refined, sophisticated, and cultured. Much like the people who live in El Dorado, AR, the hotel has a multifaceted personality. The elevations reference the materiality of the oil refinery buildings in the city, rhythm of the original oil company headquarters, multi-paned warehouse windows of the adjacent historic McWilliams building and the warmth and texture of wood planks from the large timber mills. The entries are positioned like traditional southern houses with a front porch for entertaining and people watching, and a backyard for friends and neighbors to have more intimate gatherings. The amenities located on the first floor take cues from traditional southern homes with a large parlor for guests, a more private den to visit, and an intimate bar. The artwork is by Southern Artists and adds to the authentic character of the experience. The Haywood has become an anchor of the Murphy Arts District, delivering an experience for visitors and a favorite new watering hole for locals. Much like its namesake, Charles Haywood Murphy, Sr., the hotel delivers on the Murphy Family’s promise to take care of the city of El Dorado and provide both locals and visitors with spaces to connect and engage, establishing a true sense of community.

AIA Arkansas