Design Award Entries

Success Credit Union

Looking to energize their traditional image for future patrons; The Success Credit Union branch in Paragould, Arkansas sought to establish a dynamic location that speaks to a forward thinking environment for financial transactions. A sweeping roof form allowing light to wash into the interior glass filled space, permits for a breakdown of traditional walls established in many traditional institutions. The final form speaks to the ever changing movement in finance.

Project Statement

The Success Credit Union has enjoyed decades of patronage in the Northeast Arkansas area, however, the President made a decision to embark on an “updated” vision for the future. Leaving behind several traditional facilities that had very little continuity, the idea was to update the vision in an ever changing world of finance and renewed ideas. Creating a new image was logical next step.
The focus of this new endeavor takes place in Paragould, Arkansas along the main stretch of Linwood Drive on the south side of the city. Situated along this highways edge, the building form takes flight as a sweeping roof line mimics the credit unions motioning logo checkmark. The checkmark roof becomes a plain divided by a ribbon of glazing and deep overhangs to cover and protect the more simplistic and traditional forms of the main spaces below. This roofline creates a special moment of movement and excitement among surrounding linear and flat roof forms. It helps the structure act as a beacon among typical suburban development. The substantial areas of glazing are provided with immense diffused light that creates a clean and crisp interior that is free of harsh glare and deep shadows. The white exterior metal cladding and roof edge create a precise and clean image against the more traditional and contrasting feel of the masonry base. This base condition continues down the building with planters creating a hardscape transition to the landscaped site below.
Stepping into the interior space reveals the washing light and open space created by the tall sweeping roof line and immense areas of clerestory glazing. The ceiling is kept clean with lighting bouncing off its surface to continue the quality of light throughout the evening. The central space of the main lobby transitions into adjacent areas of offices, workrooms, and conference room with visual clarity of glazing and a continues pattern of varying mullion locations that create datum lines and details that transition into other building materials. Exposed structure placed at key locations express the framework of the steel frame in contrast to the smooth cool colors of the interior walls. This theme carries throughout the building with surprising corners and details that pull all elements together for a holistic feel throughout. Views throughout the interior reveal new compositions and focal points.
Through precise detailing and contrast of materials and elements, the building accomplishes its goal of providing a “fresh” view of the direction that finance is moving. The contrast of a sweeping roof line and more traditional volumes at the base creates a point of transition from traditional views of finance to a world in motion; all of which works together to create a credit union in motion looking to the future.