Stockton Medical Plaza

The Stockton Medical Plaza houses the many needs of an outpatient medical clinic, the clinic’s call center, and additional lease space. The building is designed to provide efficient, flexible space while making an impactful and concise statement in the heavily trafficked commercial and medical district it is placed.

Project Statement

Project Statement

The Stockton Medical Plaza serves as a billboard for a dermatology clinic wanting to be noticed in the highly competitive outpatient clinic business. The plaza building is designed to take full advantage of a high-volume intersection near the interstate of a busy and growing medical district. Many people pass by this site on their way from the interstate to a big box retail area making the location key for a landmark quality building. The slope of the site from north to south reinforced the need to orient this building in an east / west direction allowing for the building to act as the retaining wall for the site yielding bonus area in the half basement on the lower side of the site.

The building’s massing is intended to be bold visual statement derived from the work of the physicians perform in the building. Skin cancer is rapid, chaotic growth in the body and the building’s physicians work daily to restore the body back to its healthy order.

The mass on the east side of the building represents this process of healing as you move through it. The center core element of the building contains the rapid paced activity of the coming and going of patients, tenants, visitors, and staff through it from either parking lot into the shell spaces. The core is designed to represent the dissonance of the body in duress and sets the stage for the eventual relief of a patient. The second floor east side of the shell mass is the clinic space. It stretches out in an organized horizontal plane with slot windows to naturally illuminate each of the clinic rooms.

The west mass of the building is the leasable shell and anchor for the eastern perceived cantilever. It is an ordered heavy masonry colonnade to counterbalance the east mass that stretched toward the street. The skin’s regular window spacing provides for a flexible interior wall layout for any potential tenant.
The exterior canopy represents a scalpel slicing through the ravaged cancerous body of the building to remove the malignancy. The angled light fixtures and finishes within the central corridors signify the many physical and mental scars left by the healing process. Though their chaotic organization may be disconcerting, they represent signs of something terrible being removed.

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