Design Award Entries

Nabholz Office Addition

The Nabholz Office Addition is a warm and inviting new work space for a growing construction firm in Northwest Arkansas. The design emphasizes collaboration, resolves department segmentation challenges, promotes practical sustainability methods, and showcases the owner’s expertise in mass timber structures. The clean lines of the exterior reflect the client’s professionalism and forward-thinking nature, while the use of concrete and metal imparts a sense of durability, strength, and integrity.

Project Statement

The architectural design of the Nabholz Office Addition showcases a thoughtful response to the client's needs as a growing construction firm, aiming to create a collaborative and open work environment while highlighting their expertise in cross-laminated timber (CLT) construction. The owner's previous additive process resulted in department segmentation and a decline in collaborative spaces, prompting the desire for a new addition that would bring employees together and showcase their thriving work culture. The architect, selected for their expertise in CLT design and creating collaborative workspaces, engaged a modular interior wall system provider and a CLT company early in the design/build process to ensure budget efficiency and timely project delivery.

The exposed wood structure of the addition exudes warmth and creates inviting spaces, while also reducing the need for excessive paint and enhancing the building's air quality. The use of mass timber also helps to lower carbon footprint, decreases greenhouse gas emissions, promotes the use of sustainably managed forests supporting the local economy and showcasing Arkansas's budding mass timber industry.

The integration of glass office partitions around the perimeter strikes a balance between an open-plan layout and the familiarity of private offices, offering a flexible and adaptable workspace. This accommodates different work styles and preferences, promoting both collaboration and concentration and leading to increased employee satisfaction and overall productivity.

The exterior design of the Nabholz Office Addition features a vertical box-ribbed metal panel system and poured-in-place concrete walls constructed using innovative formwork techniques that reflect the concrete work on the existing facility. This combination of materials and textures contributes to a minimalist aesthetic that pays homage to classic modernism. The sleek and clean lines of the exterior also reflect the professionalism and forward-thinking nature of the client, while the use of concrete and metal imparts a sense of durability, strength, and integrity.

The resulting 7,000-square-foot addition is a testament to the successful collaboration between the architect and their construction partner, resulting in a space that not only addresses the client's needs but also sets a precedent for sustainable and innovative office design. With its focus on cross-laminated timber construction, flexible interior spaces, and minimalist aesthetic, the addition stands as a model for creating dynamic work environments that inspire and promote collaboration.