Design Award Entries

Kessler Mountain Residence

The Mount Kessler Residence is a 2,700 sq.ft, 3 bedroom home set on a previously developed site. The core of the house is oriented to a large glass wall facing North with views to the meadow below. A patio with a butterfly roof extends the living space while providing shelter from the sun and rain.

Project Statement

This home rests among a beautiful, densely forested area just below the top of Mount Kessler in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The building is located on the exact spot as the previous family home that was removed due to damage. Redeveloping an already used site limited disturbance to a beautiful area. Large stones (unearthed during excavation and reused) step down from the road to the custom wood front door. The entry sequence compresses visitors under the butterfly roof before revealing the views to the north when the doors are opened. The outside is brought in at selective points via large window walls. Exterior siding wraps itself into the interior in multiple conditions, blurring the line between inside and outside. Large overhangs protect the glazing from sun and rain while creating covered spaces to sit and gather outside. Elements of the new structure such as the kitchen wood ceiling and the stair chandeliers were remade from the previous house, creating a connection between the homes and reducing waste and material consumption.