Design Award Entries

Justice Building Addition & Renovation

The addition to the Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Building thoughtfully expands the North and South wings, carrying the rhythm and materiality of the mid-century building into a contemporary interpretation of the bold forms typical of the Capitol campus.

Project Statement

The Justice Building Addition exemplifies the principles of transparency and the vital connection between the judiciary and the other branches of government. The architecture serves as a symbol, reinforcing the importance of the judicial arm in upholding the rule of law and ensuring justice for all. The new north and south wings seamlessly integrate with the original 1958 mid-century structure, elegantly framing the iconic 1976 glass-enclosed rotunda.

The strategic placement of the eastern fins, echoing the number of supreme court justices, opens the eastern facade to offer direct views of the Capitol while creating a dynamic experience of shadow and light from both interior and exterior. This visual connection serves as a poignant reminder of the interdependence and checks and balances between the judicial and legislative branches.

A new public entrance welcomes visitors to the learning center, where carefully crafted layered views through the museum and meeting areas draw the eye towards the capitol building. The addition creates a space that serves the functional needs of the judiciary while also inspiring and educating the public about the critical role of the judicial system in our democracy.