Design Award Entries

House on the Point

The House on the Point sought to create a modern lake retreat that captured, framed, and preserved the naturally beauty of the site and it's surrounding views. The challenge was to do so in a way that felt integrated into the site rather than opposed to it, while remaining cost and energy efficient.

Project Statement

The project began with a ladder in the back of a pickup truck. The owner's original goal was: 'make it cheap and build on the flat part'. However, upon maneuvering to just the right spot on the site and obtaining just the right elevation, we were able to illustrate just how amazing the views could be. Naturally, the next step was to hang the house off the side of the cliff, cantilevering 37' out over the water. By using a combination of ICF and steel construction for the overall structure, we were able to achieve an extremely energy efficient design. The design itself sought to use very inexpensive materials and simple overall forms to help achieve a very cost efficient, yet dynamic end result.

AIA Arkansas