Fiamma 1873 Ristorante

Fiamma is located in the heart of Bentonville at the southwest corner of the historic downtown square. The restaurant gives a nod to the history of the late-1800s bank by exposing the historic brick cask on the interior and re-purposing the vaults as wine rooms and private intimate dining spaces. The cherry, steel and back-lit bar/hostess area harmonize with the exposed brick and white painted walls to create a warm inviting atmosphere that is full of light, energy and great food.

Project Statement

Project Statement

Designed within an 1800s building that originally housed a bank, this restaurant brings a touch of modernity while still speaking the language of the past. Heavy masses of exposed brick wall are juxtaposed with cherry wooden elements that highlight intimate spaces within the bar. Steel elements are connected throughout the restaurant to make this split-level restaurant speak in the same way. Selective moments of lighting bring together different areas of the restaurant together in one single flow.

The bar appears to hover above the ground while the soffit slips away from the ceiling becoming a more compressed and intimate space. The hostess stand follows in the same fashion, creating an overhang to pull visitors into the space. A more intimate area of the bar is located right behind the hostess stand and fitted with small tables.

Stepping down from the bar area is the formal dining area. This change in elevation marks a change in function and intimacy. A soffit opens to the ceiling, creating a more spacious environment. Located next to the dining room is a repurposed bank vault that is now storage to a collection of wine.

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