Fayetteville Solid Waste + Recycling Administrative Offices

Fayetteville Solid Waste + Recycling Administrative Offices acts as a hub for the city’s fleet of sanitation vehicles and is the point of public interaction with the community.

Project Statement

Project Statement

Designed for the city of Fayetteville as a renovation and expansion to the City of Fayetteville Recycling Administration building, this municipal building provides a space for sanitation workers and the community they serve to come together. The building acts as a beacon to the citizens as a primary interface with their trash service.

The conditions of the existing building, which was built 25 years ago, consisted of two-tone metal cladding and reentrant corners. The redesigned form pulls the community in along the elevation as well as extends out into the community. This play along the exterior elevations creates a rhythm of extension and retraction.

The rhythm along the elevation is also read into the section. A primary focus to the design was the capturing and filtering of light. Double height spaces in the employee breakroom and an interior corridor allow an ample amount of light to filter into the space. Windows along the exterior elevations are equipped with horizontal wood louvers which create a filter on light entering the spaces.

The materiality also reciprocates this language of light. The metal siding is used as a framing device to the contrasting cedar. The corrugated galvalume metal panels push out from the wood making it appear lighter while the cedar relates back to the warmth of the space.

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