Design Award Entries

Eden's Bluff

Eden's Bluff is a home primarily constructed of wood, glass, and stone. Through a careful use of these materials, the line between inside and outside is blurred. Siding is continuous as exterior walls slip into the interior and roofs pass through the building envelope, guiding sight lines to the lake and landscape. The home affords occupants to connect with nature throughout their daily lives.

Project Statement

The Eden’s Bluff Residence sits within a neighborhood in Lowell, Arkansas, within visible distance of Beaver Lake. In response to this context, the Northern faces of the home are closed off to create privacy, while the Southern faces are open with walls of glass, providing sweeping views of the lake and landscape beyond. The home is primarily constructed of wood, glass, stone, and lap siding, and the line between interior and exterior is blurred through a thoughtful and careful use of these materials. Siding wraps and continues into the interior, while roofs pass through the enclosure, guiding sight lines and creating a smooth transition between the outdoors and enclosed space. The roof plane is folded over the kitchen and living room, providing daylight from both North and South while creating a more open, airy space celebrating structure and visually connecting the ground level to the second floor. Adjacent to the living space is a back patio with steel planters, allowing the owners to easily connect with the outdoors.