Coulson Oil Company Headquarters

The new Coulson Oil Company Headquarters honors the company’s proud history with awards, photos, and memorabilia displayed prominently throughout the building, but also seeks to create a “classic” modern office that looks to the company’s future by incorporating new technology and workplace space planning to better meet the company’s needs.

Project Statement

Project Statement

This 14,000 SF office building serves as the corporate headquarters for the Coulson Oil Company, a prominent business with a long history in Central Arkansas. Numerous departments with unique functional requirements are housed within the building along with founders and executive offices. One of the challenges for this building was to create a functional and pleasing work environment for employees and executives while maintaining an appropriate separation between the two. The plan accounts for growth of key departments in the near future and also has space to the north for an eventual building expansion. In addition to providing a comfortable work environment for corporate employees, the headquarters also accommodates a large number of remote employees for occasional company-wide training.

The building is oriented to allow for passive solar techniques, with maximized use of daylight along the north and south elevations which contain the break room, large conference rooms and main work room. Windows to the east and west have been minimized to prevent unwanted solar gain from the harsh east and west sun. The east, south and west elevations are further protected by a series of perforated metal sun screens which extend out on cut steel outriggers. The central portion of the building is lifted, which, in addition to forming one large centralized work room, created the opportunity to use clerestory windows along the central day-lit corridor. The corridor is the organizing circulation spine that connects all the various departments in the building.

The exterior façade features a rhythm of analogous steel channels and natural slate tiles. Special attention was given to the exterior details: slate edging at transitions, steel channels cut to turn corners, tapered steel outriggers which support the sun screens, and a steel channel soffit to hide the roof edge. A covered entry is created by a floating wood ceiling framed by steel channels which extends seamlessly into the lobby. The themes expressed on the exterior are also carried into the interior with a slate floor in the lobby and exposed steel structure in the corridor and large work room.

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