Design Award Entries

Centennial Park Pavilion

Centennial Park Pavilion atop Millsap Mountain in Fayetteville, Arkansas, is an inspirational hub within a cycling-focused park. What could have otherwise been a perfunctory bathroom building, is elevated as a versatile space for patrons and a base camp for international bike race events. The pavilion is a strong branding element essential to the identity of the park as a striking form derived from the site's rich agricultural history.

Project Statement

Centennial Park Pavilion, located atop Millsap Mountain in Fayetteville, Arkansas, is an inspirational and energetic sculptural structure that serves as a central gathering point within a cycling-focused city park. Designed with careful consideration of the park's needs, the pavilion not only provides essential amenities such as restrooms but also offers a versatile space for park and event patrons to come together. The pavilion is specifically designed to address the requirements of international bike race events, offering dedicated spaces for awards podiums, race registration, and vendor tent area.

The design is influenced by the rich history of this Northwest Arkansas site as former agricultural land once occupied by chicken houses. The design of the pavilion incorporates elements that pay homage to this past. Sunlight is allowed to filter through open joint cladding, reminiscent of an old barn and adding a sense of agrarian allure to the structure. The pavilion's formal articulation is further enhanced by vertical light wells, which serve as orientation landmarks within the park. These light wells act as monuments for orientation and add a unique visual element to the design. The overall form of the pavilion draws inspiration from the iconic seven hills of Fayetteville, while also proposing Millsap Mountain as part of a new secondary ring of significant hills within the expanded city. This design approach not only reflects the natural topography of the area but also contributes to the park's visual identity and sense of place.

Centennial Park itself is a cycling-activated park that offers exceptional cyclo-cross and mountain biking trails. Situated within a preserved greenspace, the park provides residents with access to trail infrastructure that is unparalleled in the region. With over 50 miles of shared-use paved trails and 40 miles of natural-surface trails, Fayetteville's existing trail network meets well with the exceptional race-quality trails of the park.

Centennial’s reputation as a world-class venue is further solidified by its hosting of prestigious events such as the 2022 Cyclocross World Championships, the 2021 Cyclocross World Cup, the USA Cycling Pro Cup Mountain Bike Series, and other renowned races. This demonstrates the park's ability to attract and accommodate high-profile events, making it a focal point for both local and international cycling enthusiasts. Despite its impressive amenities, the park remains open and accessible to the public, free of charge.

The architectural design of the Centennial Park Pavilion provides a recognizable branding element and overall identity to the park when in the international spotlight. It embodies the park's commitment to fostering an active and engaged community, providing a functional and aesthetically pleasing support space that meets the needs of the park and event patrons while still maintaining a harmonious relationship between the architecture and its context. With its thoughtful design, essential amenities, and integration with the park's history and natural features, the pavilion contributes to the overall success of the park as a premier destination for both casual recreational activities and world-class cycling events.