Design Award Entries

Campbell Residence

The Campbell Residence is an efficient home for a couple on a heavily wooded site in Arkansas. Two bedrooms, two baths, and an open living/kitchen/dining space take advantage of 360 degree views with large windows and cathedral ceilings. The foundation is a simple rectangle while the plan fluctuates in and out to accommodate storage and circulation.

Project Statement

The Residence is situated at the edge of a wooded gully just West of an airport. The home is oriented with the topography, turning it’s ‘back’ on the airport, while the shed roof helps mitigate sound pollution. The living, dining, and kitchen space all enjoy views into the gully through floor to ceiling windows. The shed roof slopes up towards the view to maximize the opening. Tall ceilings and corner glass provide views down into the gully. Each view and opening to the exterior was thoughtfully placed to blur the line between interior and exterior and provide framed views of the site. Large overhangs shield the interior from the summer sun and provide covered exterior space for seating.

AIA Arkansas