Design Award Entries

Boston Mountain Rural Health Center Administration Building

The new administration building for the Boston Mountain Health Center provides transparency in the workplace to nature and is designed for the anticipated expansion to the North, providing capacity for future growth of the company. The new building’s identity is inherited from Boston Mountain brand yet diverges from their traditional hipped roof suburban form.

Project Statement

Located in Marshall, Boston Mountain Rural Health Center provides health care to rural communities in north central Arkansas. This new administration office is a sister building to the existing clinic to the southeast of it and is connected through a shared drive. The building takes an advantage of the landscape and nearby pond by providing a walking path for the staff. The U-shaped form of the building was designed in anticipation of expanding the building North as the company grows.

The interior includes a mixture of open and private offices, conference rooms, and an exercise room. The private offices are housed in the west wing while the more public and collaborative spaces flow through the rest of the building. The central courtyard invites natural light in and promotes connectivity between the interior spaces and the landscape. Transparency through the building is created by carefully placed openings. This transparency translates to the work environment Boston Mountain embodies and allows a sense of connection between employees across the building.

Some of the more public and collaborative spaces feature a blue mountain-esque mural abstracted from Boston Mountain’s logo. This abstraction is also interpreted on the exterior of the building with blue flush metal wall panels working in contrast with the tan brick. Both the materials and the form, suited for the company, provides wayfinding for the employees and their visitors.

AIA Arkansas