Arkansas Children's Southwest Little Rock Community Clinic

The Arkansas Children’s clinic is an 11,050 square foot, single story building equipped with fully bilingual staff, which provides primary care services for the multicultural pediatric community of Southwest Little Rock.

Project Statement

Project Statement

The client’s primary mission was to bring “care closer to home” to this vibrant, culturally diverse and underserved pediatric community. As a clinic that provides care to a wide age range [infant – 18 years], it was important that the design be colorful, yet sophisticated and at the same time, facilitate a sense of healing through the use of natural light. A deep roof overhang spans the entire front façade, reaching outward, as a reference to the client’s mission, providing protection from rain and sun exposure for the entrance and walls below. The overhang floats above clerestory glazing which rests on four large walls, each made of a different color, which act as a backdrop to the lush landscaping around the outdoor play/seating area.

”Discovery and delight”, and “kid savvy”, two of the client’s main interior branding themes, were implemented into the waiting area as key design features. A series of square and rectangular windows are placed along angled walls at varying heights to frame views of the sky and landscape. From young to old, there are window views for every patient, specific to a scale that fits them. The team used the concept of “distraction technology” as part of the waiting experience in order to minimize nervousness.  Tamper resistant USB charging units are located throughout within the furnishings and staff areas.  The design team utilized a mobile floor power system that can be relocated as needs and technology change.
The clinic contains 15 exam rooms, open concept team/staff areas, a few private offices, staff support/respite spaces, and touch down areas for visiting physicians. The design team was challenged to include in-house imaging and a lab into the design, two criteria which are unusual for most clinics. To account for future growth, a 3,500 square foot area, on the south side of the building, is allocated for building expansion. The children’s clinic embodies the directive of taking healthcare out into the community, bringing “care closer to home”.

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