Design Award Entries

Argenta Parklets

The Main Street Parklets transform underutilized parking spaces into vibrant, enduring outdoor seating areas. The modular design features ipe wood flooring, custom steel planters, and mesh metal railings, creating welcoming atmospheres that seamlessly integrate with adjacent restaurants. The adaptable configuration encourages social interaction and enhances urban life, demonstrating the transformative potential of people-centric design in public spaces.

Project Statement

The Main Street Parklets transform underutilized parking spaces into vibrant, enduring outdoor seating areas that seamlessly integrate with the adjacent restaurants. Funded using federal transit safety grants in partnership between Rock Region Metro, the city of North Little Rock, and the Argenta Downtown Council, the design prioritizes longevity and replicability, ensuring a lasting positive impact on the urban landscape.

The parklets' foundation features ipe wood tile flooring installed using a raised, leveling pedestal system, creating a seamless transition from the sidewalk to the parklet. This allows the existing curb structure and surface storm drainage to remain in place, unobstructed and functional, while providing accessibility and ease of movement for all users.

Custom steel planters define the boundaries and provide a sturdy sense of enclosure while incorporating greenery and adding visual interest. The mesh metal railings strike a balance between aesthetics and practicality, allowing for an unobstructed view while providing a subtle safety barrier. The railings' robust construction ensures long-lasting functionality and visual appeal.

The modular design allows for easy replication, extending the concept's impact throughout Main Street and beyond. The thoughtful composition creates a cohesive visual language adaptable to various urban environments. Simple signage and the application of powder-coated paint colors allow for neighborhood designation.

The attention to detail, high-quality materials, and adaptable configuration create welcoming atmospheres that encourage social interaction, foster community bonds, and enhance urban life. The Main Street Parklets project demonstrates the transformative potential of reclaiming public space from private vehicles through enduring, people-centric design, setting a new standard for creating sustainable, long-lasting public spaces that enrich communities for generations to come.